New Concept

Innovation in display.

A refrigerated counter with an innovative display concept: a squaredisplay case for cheese, meat, cold cuts, fish, and bread, with a powerful emotional impact.

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The Ferrari of refrigeration.

Much more than just a refrigerated butcher shop counter. Etoile features premium finishes to cater for the latest design trends. The cutting edge of our custom products!


Resistant to oxidation

The display area and the inside are made in stainless steel.



The CRIOLED® front lighting is an extra accessory to make your creations shine.



Remote monitoring thanks to NUCLEUS and the additional Wi-Fi control device.


Utmost clarity

Upward opening, extra clear glass


All the corners you need.

Etoil stands out among the gastronomy refrigerated displays because it is extremely versatile and customisable: it can be made with round corners (90° or 45°), open or closed, and with angled corners of any gradation, as required.

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Remote technology

An app for remote control.

The electronic control panel WOW Touch Control provides the perfect interface to remotely monitor the performance of any Criocabin product connected to the network through the App – downloadable from Android.

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