Craftsmanship of excellence

Italian craftsmanship meets professional design.

Every Criocabin project takes as its starting point the needs of each individual, client or user. Our dialogue begins here so as to understand the customer’s needs and respond with the perfect, tailor-made solution: whether it is Fully Custom, i.e. built exactly to satisfy every whim, or Special Custom, perfectly adaptable to the customer’s needs.


We have a 360-degree view: the right style for the right point of sale.

Delicatessens, butcher shops, eateries, pastry shops, farm shops, and many others: each has their own merchandising, technical and design needs when it comes to refrigeration. We can understand, interpret, and transform them into the ideal display.


We turn your requests into reality.

Each display is first conceived, imagined, and then designed and produced, in perfect harmony with the needs that the customer has conveyed to us.


We are creatives. We love beauty, technology and we respect the environment.


Restoration work completed on the Sala dei Quaranta in Padua

The 800th anniversary celebrations begin with the inauguration of the restoration of the canvases and labarums in the Sala dei Quaranta (Hall of the Forty) - the University of Padua thanks all those who donated to the Archivio Antico. On Wednesday 29 September at 10.00 am in the Archivio Antico at Palazzo Bo, the two [...]

#meatinnovation @iMeat 2021

This edition of iMeat was by far the most eagerly awaited. But the wait at Criocabinis always accompanied by a continuous flurry of research, preparation and development. This is what we have brought to this event: the butcher shop merges with the restaurant to create new concepts. The elegant display enhances the whole atmosphere of [...]

Top Criocabin 2020

The award for Best Sales results of 2020 goes to Leonardo Stabile, UK Key Account Manager.This success is due to deep commitment and passion in sharing Criocabin products’ value. Congratulations to Leonardo!

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