Craftsmanship of excellence

Italian craftsmanship meets professional design.

Every Criocabin project takes as its starting point the needs of each individual, client or user. Our dialogue begins here so as to understand the customer’s needs and respond with the perfect, tailor-made solution: whether it is Fully Custom, i.e. built exactly to satisfy every whim, or Special Custom, perfectly adaptable to the customer’s needs.


We have a 360-degree view: the right style for the right point of sale.

Delicatessens, butcher shops, eateries, pastry shops, farm shops, and many others: each has their own merchandising, technical and design needs when it comes to refrigeration. We can understand, interpret, and transform them into the ideal display.


We turn your requests into reality.

Each display is first conceived, imagined, and then designed and produced, in perfect harmony with the needs that the customer has conveyed to us.



We are creatives. We love beauty, technology and we respect the environment.



Criocabin takes over Mondel, a long-standing brand of custom-made display counters for fish and meat.

Criocabin S.p.A., a major company in the design and production of refrigerated display counters, has announced that it has entered into an agreement for the takeover of Mondel S.r.l., a long-standing brand in the sector. Over the years, Mondel, based in Solesino (PD), has developed a range of highly appreciated products for food distribution, especially [...]

Criocabin – IVH: create new synergies to give more value to the Hotellerie

Criocabin, together with IVH Group, offers fully customizable solutions for the hospitality sector, offering products where Italian "made-to-measure" craftsmanship meets the most advanced design and technology. Redeveloping your hotel with refrigerated or hot self-service display cases for personalized breakfast rooms is the right way to react constructively to the change we are experiencing to avoid [...]

Hydrogen peroxide sanitization: Criosan

CRIOSAN: è la risposta di Criocabin al bisogno attuale di sicurezza e di igiene tramite prevenzione e sanificazione negli ambienti commerciali e privati. Criocabin ha sviluppato una nuova gamma di sale di sanificazione con perossido di Idrogeno H2O2 in collaborazione con un partner strategico nel settore medicale: Medicair Food, centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo per l’implementazione di prodotti e [...]

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