Our mission? We have our finger on the pulse in terms ofnew eating habits, and we develop new concepts accordingly. We design highly functional and fully customisable solutions for food preservation and display.

Welcome to Criocabin. We at Criocabinknow how to enhance the display and taste of food. Here we are committed towards a more efficient and sustainable future. We share our skills to improve the quality and standards of our sector. Let us inspire you. Enjoy our coolest ideas.


We care about beauty, performance, and the environment.

We are more a family than a company. For us people count more than numbers. They are our biggest asset. Our heritage is created by people with ideas, stories, and values.

Constant innovation means constant improvement: day after day

No wasted time, no wasted meat.

With our G-Concept technology, featuring low internal ventilation, and excellent humidity and temperature control, the weight loss of the meat is lower than 50%. The meat can stay in the refrigerated display case all night without any problems.


Monitoring and maintenance always within reach.

Nucleus technology allows you to remotely access and monitor via Wi-Fi the performance of your Criocabin products at any time, all connected to the internet with a handy app on your smartphone.

WOW Touch Control

Different food requires different temperature and humidity.

H-Combi is the hot ventilated system with a humidifier.


Green Modus Vivendi

Our commitment to the environment dates back to 2009 when we installed a photovoltaic system. Since then, we’ve stepped up our efforts through the implementation of numerous actions and initiatives, such as temperature control of our offices to reduce consumption, use of environmentally-friendly detergents to clean our facilities and offices, as well as using packaging that is increasingly eco-friendly.

All our products use natural refrigerant gas R290, which has a low environmental impact and excellent energy efficiency. We have been using it for 4 years, even before the relevant EU legislation came into force. We were among the first to invest in this new technology because we care about our environment.


Creativity and performance since 1984.

Criocabin was founded in 1984 as a company specializing in customised cold rooms. Since the year 2000 we have widened our range of products to include self-service or assisted service refrigerated display cases.

Since then, we have been pursuing the same objective: providing our customers with exclusive and tailor-made products to cater fully to all their needs. Also, our values have remained unchanged: uniqueness, creativity, style, and Made in Italy.


Criocabin to Prada Foundation

Criocabin contributed to the building of the frozen garden, created by the Artist Marc Quinn for Miuccia Prada and displayed at the Prada Foundation in Milan. It consists of a whole garden full of plants which will never grow because they live in cryogenic stasis.


Criocabin works for hospitals

Not only catering. Since 2003 Criocabin has been producing a full range of cold rooms for hospitals, for keeping and distributing blood bags used in transfusions.


Straight glass: Criocabin is trendsetter

Criocabin was the first manufacturer of refrigerated display cases to introduce straight glass when everyone was using curved glass, thus establishing itself as a trend-setter in the industry. For years now all the competition has followed Criocabin, confirming it as a trendsetter company in innovation and creativity.

President ad and CEO
Andrea Babetto

Andrea Babetto

Paolo Fava

Paolo Fava

Pierluigi Amico

Pierluigi Amico

Cristian Pivato

Cristian Pivato

Andrea Rigatti

Andrea Rigatti

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